From Project Director’s Desk

Rtn. Dr. Manisha Sarup Kohli

Friends ---The Corona virus Threat is here, we have manifested it as humanity, as through this threat and through this time----we step up in our evolutionary process- The direction of moving towards the one-world order. A few such disasters have the potential to eliminate the entire human race, this is the high time we wake up and understand, if we have to survive, if we have to live, if we have to be on this beautiful planet, then we have to unite and rise above our greed and selfishness and learn that this is for all equally---it is either all or none.
It is in the highest of everyone to understand this, to rise above and become one. We have got to learn deep compassion and love. If this continues, we have a grave picture ahead, as this manifestation is also to realize the importance of Co- Habitations. The importance of living together will be understood through isolation. Isolation does not only affect our physical living, but also the isolation is going to affect the mental living.
This again is a choice we make. This is not a threat , this is a stepping stone in understanding the evolution. Living peacefully together united—cohabited we survive…..Divided isolated we perish---- the choice is all ours
Make a choice
Community Service encourages Rotarians to offer service to their communities. Rotary club Jammu ELITE by assuming its responsibility wants to improve the quality of life of those suffering from mental health ailments due to covid-19 Pandemic and to serve the public interest.
It is a great opportunity for every Rotarian to exemplify Service Above Self……A chance to respond to the needs of our community.
WE Rotarians salute our Doctors, Paramedical staff, Safai Karam charis, men and women in uniform, the whole administration.
They are the warriors of this battle and are standing alone between life and death. We don’t know them all but we owe them all
 Let us fight together by social distancing.
 Let us spread love and happiness.
 Feed your mind with appropriate messages through authentic sources.
 Imposing self- restrictions.  Spreading awareness.
 Stay Indoors! Stay Healthy!
 Encouraging others to do the same.
 Feel free to contact us for any kind of health related consultation and counselling for any psychological disturbance.
 Let us all genuinely deal with the insecurity of this pandemic—
By breaking the chain of Corona virus infection and join hands in making the chain of happiness, peace and prosperity.
May we all receive Abundance.