From District New club Development chair 2020-21 Desk

PP Rtn Adeep Mehta

It gives me an immense pleasure to know that Rotary Club of Jammu Elite has come out with a unique idea to help the people who are suffering a mental Stress due to present Covid-19 pandemic. The whole world is going through a trauma and in such times the onus lies with Rotarians to combat this pandemic by propagating various methods to contain down this virus and also look after the victims who are suffering from a mental stress either because of spread of virus or financial breakdown. The website created by Rotary Club of Jammu Elite will serve the people in a big way. I also take this opportunity to appreciate the free service offered by Rtn. Dr. Manisha Kohli Secretary elect of the club. Wish you good luck in this endeavour.

With Humble regards Yours in Rotary